We are truly grateful to the Bing Yang Martial Arts Academy. Bing is a wonderful instructor that not only teaches our son the skills of Kung Fu, but also makes it fun as well.

Since our son started training here, his physical and mental toughness has soared. The skills and lessons taught by Bing have increased our son´s potential in other aspects of his life.

Parents of Isaiah (age 7)
Kung Fu with Shifu

I have been doing kung fu for 2 years, I´m a green black belt. I am 11 years old and I´m on 5th grade.

In Shifu´s kung fu class I´ve learned many things like self defense, cart wheels, even no-handed cart wheels.

Shifu walks you through everything, meaning he helps you learn everything easier. He teaches many weapons, like sword, staff and even a spear. 

He help us stretch a lot, it always hurts like crazy but you will see good things happening to your body in the future.

Shifu tries to push you to your limit, anytime you do anything wrong, he tries to fix your error, as an example if you´re running wrong and trip, he will teach you to run the right way, so you won´t fall. He also tries to make Kung Fu something fun.

​Michael Tran